The original series of Star Trek introduced the concept of stardates as a nominal reference to when the events of the episode took place. Without making a judgement on the logic of how these numbers were used the table below documents the logs and dates referred to by episode.

The episodes are listed in their original broadcast sequence. The Time Code column refers to the approximate time in the show when the reference was made.

No Episode Time Code Where mentioned Stardate By Whom When mentioned
1 The Man Trap 1m06 Captain's log 1513.1
14m04 Captain's log 1513.4
30m06 Captain's log 1513.8
2 Charlie X 1533.7 Opening scene
15m00 1535.8 Following the loss of the Antares
3 Where No Man Has Gone Before 10m00 1312.9 As Kirk sums up the damage
32m00 1313.3 Once the surface installation has been rigged to detonate
4 The Naked Time 3m55 Captain's log 1704.2
22m48 Captain's log 1704.4
5 The Enemy Within
6 Mudd's Women
7 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
8 Miri
9 Dagger of the Mind 3m36 Captain's log 2715.1 Kirk Following opening credits
27m32 Enterprise log none Spock Before Spock mind melds with Van Gelder
10 The Corbomite Maneuver
11 The Menagerie, Part 1
12 The Menagerie, Part 2
13 The Conscience of the King
14 Balance of Terror
15 Shore Leave
16 The Galileo Seven
17 The Squire of Gothos
18 Arena 2m51 Captain's log 3045.6 Kirk While investigating the damage to the outpost on Cestus 3
13m12 Captain's log 3046.2 Kirk Once pursuing the alien ship
19 Tomorrow is Yesterday 2m15 Captain's log 3113.2 Following the opening credits
15m15 Captain's log 3113.7 Kirk After the interview with Christopher
26m50 Captain's log 3113.9 Spock After the air police sergeant has been beamed aboard the Enterprise
38m24 Captain's log 3114.1 Kirk After Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Christopher beam back to the ship
20 Court Martial 2947.3 Before opening credits
2948.5 Opening scene
9m00 2948.9 After commodore Stone's confrontation with Kirk
25m00 2945.7 This older stardate appears in the video computer log played at Kirk's trial
27m00 After the court first adjourns
34m00 After court adjourns to reconvene on the Enterprise
43m00 When Kirk attempts to repair the damage cause by Finney
21 The Return of the Archons
22 Space Seed
23 A Taste of Armageddon
24 This Side of Paradise
25 The Devil in the Dark
26 Errand of Mercy 3198.4 Opening scene
15m00 3201.7 When the Klingon invasion begins
27 The Alternative Factor 3m54 Captain's log 3087.6
13m20 Captain's log 3088.3
21m44 Captain's log 3088.7
28 The City on the Edge of Forever
29 Operation: Annihilate! 4m30 Captain's log 3287.2 Kirk Following the opening credits
33m40 Captain's log 3289.8 Kirk Before the briefing
30 Amok Time
31 Who Mourns for Adonais?
32 The Changeling
33 Mirror, Mirror
34 The Apple 2m15 Captain's log 3715.3 Kirk Following the opening credits
19m20 Captain's log 3715.6 Kirk On being introduced to Vaal
35 The Doomsday Machine
36 Catspaw
37 I, Mudd
38 Metamorphosis
39 Journey to Babel
40 Friday's Child
41 The Deadly Years
42 Obsession
43 Wolf in the Fold
44 The Trouble with Tribbles
45 The Gamesters of Triskelion
46 A Piece of the Action
47 The Immunity Syndrome 0m00 Captain's log 4307.1 Kirk At start of show
14m50 Captain's log 4308.8 Kirk After McCoy's report
26m10 Captain's personal log 4309.2 Kirk When Kirk has to decide whom to send
48 A Private Little War
49 Return to Tomorrow
50 Patterns of Force
51 By Any Other Name
52 The Omega Glory
53 The Ultimate Computer
54 Bread and Circuses
55 Assignment: Earth
56 Spock's Brain
57 The Enterprise Incident
58 The Paradise Syndrome
59 And the Children Shall Lead
60 Is There in Truth No Beauty
61 Spectre of the Gun
62 Day of the Dove
63 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
64 The Tholian Web
65 Plato's Stepchildren
66 Wink of an Eye
67 The Empath
68 Elaan of Troius
69 Whom God's Destroy
70 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
71 The Mark of Gideon
72 That Which Survives
73 The Lights of Zetar
74 Requiem for Methuselah 5843.7 Opening scene
20m00 5843.75 When Kirk is in Flint's laboratory
35m00 5843.8 As earlier versions of Rayna are discovered
75 The Way to Eden 5832.3 Opening scene
17m00 5832.5 Before Spock interviews Dr Sevrin
22m00 5832.6 After Spock and Chekov leave to begin research
76 The Cloud Minders 5818.4 Before the opening credits
32m00 5819.3 Spock's report as Kirk is digging for zenite
77 The Savage Curtain 10m00 5906.4 When Lincoln is first standing on the bridge of the Enterprise
30m00 5906.5 Scott's report after communication with the landing party is cut off
78 All Our Yesterdays 5943.7 Before the opening credits
79 Turnabout Intruder
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